Karl Bozicevic

Some the most dynamic biotech startups come to Karl for a unique level of in-depth collaboration and creativity.


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His particular expertise lies in developing patent portfolios that increase valuations.  This often entails working closely with senior management and inventors to exploit the full value and breadth of a company’s innovations. In addition to innovative biotech firms, Mr. Bozicevic, also represents major universities and research institutions. Karl’s long career includes a number of significant accomplishments.  He created a portfolio of transgenic animal and prion assay methodology patents that were Nobel Prize winning inventions (www.prionpatents.com). Karl also created a patent portfolio covering the fluid flow and small particle formation methodology for an award-winning Spanish physicist, during which he met with the King of Spain (www.drugdeliverypatents.com). In addition, Karl enabled Aradigm Corporation to secure significant financing by creating and promoting the company’s drug delivery technology patent portfolio. Mr. Bozicevic has an LLM in Intellectual Property Law in addition to a J.D. He received his LLM from George Washington University in 1985 studying under Professor Irving Kayton. Karl received his J.D. from Nova University in 1978. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Tulane University, 1974. Following completion of his studies in the U.S., Karl practiced patent law in Tokyo, Japan for over two years, and has lectured on patent law in the U.S. and Japan. He is also a visiting professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. His published works include legal papers in English and Japanese, which can be found at www.karlbozicevicpublications.com, and a fiction novel found at www.cardinalhoax.com.
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